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6 Exercises That Can Ease and Prevent Lower Back Pain

Our lower back has an extremely important role to play in powering our running mechanics. The core muscles which wrap around our midsection impart adequate support to our lower back and spine. Our glutes, hips and hamstrings come together to add to our body’s stability.

Thus, weakness in any one of these can impose a heavy pressure on others. Weak gluteal and hip muscles tend to develop fatigue when you run. In such a scenario, more pressure in inflicted on your lower back for retaining your stability. This in turn makes us highly vulnerable to greater chances of injury.

Main Causes Of Lower Back Pain

  • Arthritis might lead to a feeling of chronic achiness spread across your entire lower back.
  • Discogenic pain or sciatica leads to a painful sensation either on one or both the legs apart from your lower back. The main reason behind this discomfort is strain imposed on your nerve. In comparison to the muscle-gripping sensation which accompanies a spasm, this pain seems excruciatingly sharp.
  • Muscle spam on the other hand is associated with muscular pain which originates at your lower back. This causes your muscles to get locked up leading to incapacitating pain.

Prevention Of Back Pain

You should try to increase your flexibility and strength throughout your entire kinetic chain. This can be of great help in preventing back ache and imparting adequate support to your spinal muscles as well as spine. The muscles at your lower back are also deeply affected by the weakness or tightness in your hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Thus, if you are trying to overcome lower back pain, then you can seek out the assistance of the exercises mentioned below. Although these exercises have been framed for a general body constituency, it is always favourable to seek the advice of your doctor before starting with the same. In this way, you can be guaranteed to reap the greatest benefits out of the same.

You need to follow these exercises according to the prescribed order by giving a 30 seconds’ rest between each set. Having an exercise mat and stability ball can also make things more favourable in your workout routine.


You need to start on your fours and lower onto your forearms with your shoulders placed directly above your elbows. Next you will have to step a foot back for engaging into a plank position. You need to keep your shoulders tightly drawn back and from a long straight line by keeping your hips parallel to your shoulders. Both your legs and glutes can be squeezed for support.

This posture needs to be maintained over a span of 45-60 seconds and increased slowly as your core gets stronger. You can also enhance the intensity of this workout by rolling onto your right forearm and performing a side plank by stacking your feet. The same things should also be repeated on the other side for maximum efficiency.

Back Extension With Stability Ball

Ignoring the pain can have serious consequences. Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you think you have a stress fracture. Until your appointment with the doctor, follow the RICE protocol. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

You need to first form a straight line by keeping your core engaged and your feet resting on the floor. This can be done by lying face down on a stability ball and keeping your back naturally arched. Next you will have to place your hands behind the ears and slowly lower your upper body by maintaining the overall comfort level.

You can squeeze your glutes and raise your torso for bringing it in line with your lower body. This posture should be held on for some time before lowering your torso slowly to the starting position.

Stability Ball Pike

This form of exercise should be started with a high plank posture with the top of your feet resting on a stability ball and placing your shoulder directly above your wrists. A straight line needs to be formed by your body ranging from ankles up to your head. Next you need to raise your hip towards the ceiling and roll the ball toward the chest without bending your knees.

This posture should be held on for some time before lowering your hips and rolling back to your starting position. If this exercise feels too tough, then you can start with a knee tuck and place your shins on the ball.

Next you will have to draw your knees towards your chest while rolling the ball towards your feet without raising your hips. Slowly you will have to work your way to the pike position with increased stability and strength.

Reverse Leg Raise With Stability Ball

While performing this exercise, you will have to lie face down on the stability ball with your hands placed on the floor and your shoulders above your wrists. Your legs need to be extended out straight so that your toes are kept resting on the floor. Your main motive here should be keep your legs as much straightened as possible.

Slowly you will now have to lower your back for lifting your legs unless they become parallel to your torso. Finally, you will have to lower down your legs for coming back to the starting posture.

Glute Bridge

You will have to bend your knees and lie face up on the floor with both your arms resting at your sides. Next you will be required to squeeze your glutes and lift up your hips for bringing your shoulders in line with your knees. This posture has to be retained for a span of 3 seconds before starting once again from the foremost posture by lowering down your back.

Locust Pose

This exercise should be started by lying face down on the mat with your arms pinned down on your sides and your legs extended straight. While lifting your head, arms, chest and legs from the mat, you need to lower your back muscles and contract your glutes. It is also essential to rotate your arms during this entire process for keeping your thumbs pointed towards the ceiling. This posture should be held on for about 30 seconds before relaxing on the floor for 5 seconds. This entire set should be repeated thrice for best results.

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